Niels Theen

Hi, I am Niels

I am a highly motivated software developer👨‍💻 with a passion for open source. I love to work with PHP🐘, Git and Linux but also love to try new things out.
I’m working in the software industry for over a decade now and have made my Bachelor in computer sciences. You can find the product of my bachelor thesis in the official HTTP-Server from ReactPHP on GitHub. For the last years I worked primarily as Backend Developer🔧, but I also developing a love for frontend work.
What I love about coding is to create something of nothing. The creative process that is required to find a solution. I also love to be a code archeologist🤠, getting deep into legacy code and cleaning it up and refactor the code, so it is more maintainable and usable.
Open source is something we all should admire. Every gadget in our modern world has parts of open in it our phones, washing machines or fridge. We all rely on open source that is why it is so important to me.
I organize a non-commercial Meetup here in Aachen. If you are intersted or nearby check the Meetup page for more information.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just wanna have a chat✌️

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