Review of "Start with why"

tl;dr: The book is ok-ish many things are clear after the first 50 pages and I had the feeling the author repeat itself. Instead of reading the book I recommend to watch the TED talk instead:

I started reading this book, because I wanted to get an insight on how companies or people create a product or thing that lasts.

TBH while reading it, I felt like I was trapped in a loop. The authoAn other example the author sometimes uses is the movement around Marting Luther King Jr. in the mid 1950s and mid 1960s. After a few words about Martin Luther, the author quickly changes to apple again. After the first pages it didn't have any value left for me, the concept of "Start with why?" was clear to me, but the content of the book didn't go deep into the actual reasons in this company/person.

Would I recommend this book

No. The circling around apple and its success it was quite annoying, even if I like the approach to try to crack the code behind successful companies.

The TED talk of Simon Sinek is quite enough to get behind the idea of this book.

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